Poster Design for Yoondesign's New Rounded Style Typeface
I recently was asked for a poster project from Yoondesign, a Korean typography and font design company. The project is for a typeface planned to be published in the near future.

YoonGulim is a new rounded style font set based on the shapes of YoonGothic series 700.
Thus, according to the system of mother font, YoonGulim has 9 different thicknesses in its family. This set is distinguished by numbering(790 for the thickest, 710 for thinnest.). Its 18,634 glyphs are including Korean, English and some of Chinese Characters.

For a conceptual poster design, I picked 'Alteration' as a core value of the font. Since it varies 9 gradate thicknesses, glyphes alter areas of counter and shapes of terminals in accordance with thickness. My version of YoonGulim Poster is all about Alteration of YoonGulim. I designed 3 pieces of posters and each page embodies Alteration of thickness, terminal and counters.

Logo Design
For an consistent series look, I planned a pinned layout for the posters. This logo design is to bind up 3 different graphic into one LNF. The logo is a bit of monogram style with Korean lettering. The shape and ratio are based on YoonGulim 790. 

Series 01_Alteration of 9 Gradate Thickness
As a rounded style font, it is rare to have 9 sets of thick variation. Before YoonGulim 700, there was no round Korean font with 9 thickness family. This graphic of random composition of area signifies thickness gradation of YoonGulim. 

Series 02_Alteration of Shapes of Terminal
Whereas other rounded font keeps rounding on terminal regardless of thickness, YoonGulim varies the shapes and ratio of rounding. Light families have fully rounded terminal. But from 740, terminals partially reduce ratios of round. The graphic of second poster is a variation of terminals.

Series 03_Alteration of Counter Ratio
Variation of thickness causes counter space differences. The thicker a stroke gets, the tinier counter goes. YoonGulim solve this problem by differing the ratio of curvy and straight stroke on shoulder. It narrows counters by placing more round on wider counter space. The third series of poster is about the alteration of ratio on shoulder.

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