Yin-yang-Shaped Numbers for Olympic Countdown

Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony - Countdown
This project is a projection mapping concept design for countdown in Pyeongchang Winter Olympic's opening ceremony.
The event after countdown had been planned as Taegeukgi performance which is Korean national flag. OOC wanted to have these numbers contain some characteristic features of Taegeukgi in order that the program transits to the next chapter naturally.
A challenge is typographic inclusion of Taegeukgi. For this new type of typography, I decided to shape numbers on a grid of Yin-yang symbol which is in the center of the flag. and result and process I passed through are as below.
R&D Images
Before I reach to the Yin-yang concept, I had been given some time for R&D with Korean flag. Drawing this satisfying idea was due to images below.
Another Concept.01_Olympic Pictogram+Cartoon
Another Concept.02_Olympic Pictogram+Blurry Look
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