colorful branding for Headrock VR

Logo Design and Brand Animation for Launching Show
I recently finished this branding and motion graphic project and would like to present. Headrock VR is VR game station brand which will be launching in the near future. Since I rarely use colors in my works, I have enjoyed during the job, especially the logo animation with a rhythmical music was a lot of fun.

Logo Design
Headrock VR is a new type of VR play station. Unlike other ordinary VR game arcades, it has a conceptual theme of VR party with music. The client wanted to have interior of the game station with lights of vivid colors which make customers feel like they are in a party. I caught keywords vivid and party. These word-mark designs are casual and kitchy-styled logos. 
Daft 01_Chosen one
A Thick and geometrical word-mark in a plumpy capsule frame.
Draft 02_Denied one
A condensed and contrasted word-mark with stylish monogram of VR.

Logo Animation
This video is for the launching show. As the concept of the brand goes, I thought a logo animation with sprightly movement and vivid tone and manner. I mostly concentrated on colors and capsule shape of the logo.

R&D Artworks
The images below are process of visual artworks. I mainly focused on lay-outs and movements of shape of capsules.

Captured Frames
These are raw-captured images from the video.
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